Meet The Team



Founder & Owner

Paola is the builder and visionary behind Sisterhood Shopping. She manages, develops and designs the process by which the company runs including designing product packaging, developing the conscious business model, and managing partnerships.

Paola’s favorite part of Sisterhood Shopping is developing new partnerships and highlighting empowering women. In her free time, Paola enjoys traveling and exploring nature.



Creative Developer

Sisterhood Shopping would simply be a vision without Chelsea. Chelsea is the creative architect behind the company and led the development of the website and creative marketing of the company.

Chelsea’s favorite part of Sisterhood Shopping is empowering women. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys staying active, reading, and traveling.


IMG_3258 (1).JPG

Chief Morale Officer

Talk about a game changer, when Susan first came into the home of Sisterhood Shopping’s founder, she was a homeless pup wandering down the streets of West Virginia. Fast forward and she is now responsible for morale and security at the company. Susan’s job is to welcome in new partners and members-don't be surprised if you are welcomed in with kisses and high-fives! 

Susan’s favorite part of Sisterhood Shopping is seeing how many lives are changed through each box. Her second favorite part would have to be receiving product shipments...except when she realizes they aren't all gifts for her!