1. Order the Box

For just $49.75/per quarter, you’ll receive 4 boxes filled with over $150 worth of unique products designed by women employed through organizations that provide opportunities for educational and economic equality to women worldwide. Your box will also include an item meant to empower your own leadership role. You will receive a box every 3 months as long as you remain a member.


2. Complete A Survey

Once you complete your subscription (takes under 2 minutes!), you will be sent a short informational survey. This will help us customize your box with items we know you’ll love!


3. Get Your Box

Boxes ship out once per quarter (February, May, August, November), around the 10th. 


4. Join The Network

Your Sisterhood Shopping membership is more than just a quarterly box. Your membership will connect you to the lives and stories of each woman that designed the items included in your box. Join us on social media, engage in our weekly newsletters, and network in-person. After all-Empowered Women Empower Women! 


5. Gift The Freebie

Included in your quarterly box is a smaller box for you to gift to a woman in your life that has inspired you. Each item will represent a word/inspirational message and we want you to take that item and gift it to the person that represents that message to you!

Share the Love & Extend The Sisterhood

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