RETURN. RESTORE. REIGNITE: Behind the Scenes with One of the Incredible Women Behind Luna Soul Collective

I am so excited to share the story of one of the most badass, self-aware women I know, Kateryna.

This woman changed my life about 3 years ago in the middle of one of the most special places I’ve ever visited, Ashtabula, OH…yea you heard that right, out of the 24 states, and over 23 countries I’ve visited, Ashtabula, OH is where only one woman could have stepped in to change the direction of this stubborn cardio freak! Prior to meeting Kateryna I was young and fast-paced and living my twenties my way for myself. When Kateryna (Kate) entered my life, and quite literally told me to take a yoga class with her before hating on it, I never thought I would not only eat my words but also enter a new perspective.

Three years later I was thrilled to be able to catch up on the incredible journey of this woman and am proud to share it with you!


“Life is Meant to be Lived Joyously”


A little about Kate:

Kate is a mom of two amazing boys, an adventurous and compassionate wife and a coach to thousands of women through the art of Yoga. When I first met Kate, her humor and compassion was gravitating and it was probably the only thing that kept me going while she was kicking my booty during one of our backyard Buti Yoga sessions! Now I am excited to go deeper into how this mother, wife and mentor is able to run a successful company while helping women, like myself, find their passion and potential:


(SS) So Kate, I have followed your life journey and am amazed and inspired by how you have followed your passion with such positivity, can you tell us more about how you landed on this journey with Yoga?

(KS) I found yoga through BUTI Yoga in 2012. I was looking for movement and it was exactly what I needed. Shortly after my life drastically changed. I became certified in the method and received an offer to become a master trainer. Traveling the world and training teachers has truly opened my eyes to how much women long to come together in a real, transformative way, and how movement can be the catalyst to change. I have witnessed the birth of so many beautiful life-long friendships. All we long for is connection, no matter what. Acceptance, understanding and connection.

Although I no longer train, my work continues through Luna Soul Collective, founded last year by my partner Nadia and myself. We hold yoga retreats, workshops for teachers and students of yoga, have an amazing online community, while constantly seeking ways to be of service.

I also teach locally, both group and private sessions. Impact is impact on any scale, inspiration tends to have a ricochet effect!


(SS) I can personally attest to having been a non-Yoga believer and feeling so empowered after our first Buti session…I was also dying because it was way more intense than I thought but that intensity was both physical and mental. It is an art that links so many women and after every session I come out feeling stronger and more connected to the women that just went through that experience with me.

Through Yoga, I have learned so many mantras that I swear I have written down on notes everywhere.

What is your favorite mantra that you find inspires you daily?

(KS) Carry less, give more.

This particular word formation came to me recently and helps me make daily choices.


(SS) I LOVE THAT…okay writing it down now (::check::)

You talk about carrying less and giving more, and I am sure in all the roles you play on a daily basis (mother, mentor, wife, business owner), you use this often, but is there a time where the practice of Yoga itself and/or the women of this empowering community have helped you overcome a difficult time?

(KS) I think this happens weekly. I am not immune to bad moods or hardships and some days it's a real challenge to show up and teach. But seeing everyone else stepping onto their mats shifts everything. The togetherness and the power of group energy is a force! It has pulled me through many dark times.


(SS) Wow, girl..preach! There is something about stepping into the realness of a yoga class and just being able to bring your true self to the mat.

You say you aren’t immune to bad days, and while it is nice to know we can relate on that front, what drives you to continue the work you are doing with Luna Soul Collective on days like those?

(KS) Knowing what this practice has done for me on a personal level, that alone will forever inspire me to continue. In one way or another. 


(SS) How incredible that you can now bring that same inspiration to those participating in your retreats and sessions.

What is one thing Yoga taught you to live out each day that you bring to your Luna Soul Collective retreats?

(KS) Mindfulness. Paying attention to the slightest details. Breathing. Breathing through and beyond.


(SS) Those are some powerful tools, that I know will be useful to many of the women in our community that are trying to step into their potential.

What are three additional things you would tell your fellow ladies to do or consider when charting a new chapter in their lives?

(KS) Patience, self-compassion, and having a solid support system. Starting new is scary, letting go is painful even if we're letting go of pain itself. 


(SS) I can relate, letting go is hard and learning to take it as a redirection and be willing to be patient and open while waiting for the next door to open is no easy lesson!

We have spoken to many women who have gotten to the point where life is in the midst of the redirection. What advice would you give these women, or the next generation of women?

(KS) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Softness is strength. If you think about it, true strength offers the softest embrace.


Kate, thank you so much for your powerful and inspirational words. I know they will resonate with so many women!

If you want to learn more about Kate, ask her anything about getting involved in Yoga or sign up for one of her amazing retreats (don’t be surprised if you find me at one), check her, and her amazing business partner Nadia Carriere, out at Luna Soul Collective.


“Carry Less. Give More.”

Paola Berisso